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Electronic contract, which is...
... compatible with the European Union law and is legally binding.

Give your email address and we will send a test contract to you. Experience how easy to sign contracts through our system!

*We will send the test contract through the API system of one of our accounts so that you will see how you can automatize your processes effectively and in a multifaceted way.
Electronic contract, which is...
... compatible with the European Union law and is legally binding.
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Electronic contract signing
We will forever change your business contracting processes!
Electronic contract, through which...
... you can sign training contracts with your students.
Electronic contract, through which...
... you can sign contracts or certificates of completion without physical presence.
Electronic contract, through which...
... you can manage your company\’s contracting processes from your home together with your colleagues.

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High-tech solution designed for companies of the future

  • From now on not only multinational companies will have the privilege to sign econtracts and carry out digital transformation.
  • A tablet or a smart phone is enough in your meeting room, as you can use our system on any device.
  • You can send the contracts or amendments to your partners with just one click.
  • You can create contracts customized for your partners within a few seconds from the template manager.
  • With the help of the API functions, you can automatize the preparation of the contracts from your own CMS or ERP system.
  • Add your colleagues to your account (co-worker account), and set their privilege levels.
A jövő vállalkozásaira tervezett high-tech megoldás

Benefits of WiredSign

Your company will enjoy many benefits of the digital transformation of legal processes. Our system can manage and automatize the full process, from contract creation to archiving.

Safety functions

Up-to-date safety, encryption and protective functions help guard your account data.

Contract template manager

The contract template manager gives you a complete document generation service, through which you can create contracts more effectively and with less mistakes.

Platform independent

WiredSign is a cloud based web application, for which you do not need to install a separate application, and it runs in any platform and in any environment.

Fast, cheap and efficient

You can create econtracts for the fraction of a paper-based contract. There are no printing or postal costs, the contract creation and archiving are automated.
Az eSzerződés előnyei
Safety solutions and our service partners
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See the full picture regarding your contracting processes!

With the help of real time status viewer, you will get the full picture about the status of your contracts.

Besides that we will be your main archive as well. We can file your contracts, which can be searched easily, with the help of our automatized processes.
Give access to your account to your colleagues! Thanks to the individual access levels, they will be able to view some of the processes and participate without security risks.

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Sign a contract anywhere, anytime!

You can sign contracts comfortably on your mobile devices, with our display optimized for smart phones and tablets, without the constraints of space and time.

The contracts can be completed within minutes on your phone from your templates as well.

Thanks to the variable data feature, you do not need to use another word processor and no information will remain from other contracts signed with other companies.
Test the services of for 14 days without any costs or obligations!

Free trial

We know that your contracting partners are the most important to you!

So we have designed our processes that your clients can sign a contract with you in the easiest way possible.

The contracts will be free for your partners. They can sign them without installing an app or any other special tool. We are platform independent, you only need to have access to the internet and a web browser.
As we have an own electronic signature technology, we do not need a qualified electronic signature, which would be costly and time consuming for the parties to procure.

Are you curious about the experience of electronic contracting for your partners?

Enter your email address, and we will send you a test contract. Experience the effortlessness of signing a contract in our system!

*We will send the test contract through the API system of one of our accounts so that you will see how you can automatize your processes effectively and in multiple ways.

Try out our demo account!

Login to our demo account with one click. Experience that we provide you a simple and transparent interface for you and your partners.

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We will change the notion of paperwork!

"The future belongs to those who see the opportunities before they become obvious."
John Sculley

Why choose our service?

You can sing contracts on that are prepared electronically, they comply with the European Union law, and they are legally binding documents.
Contracts signed on are considered formal written contracts. Regarding their content, they are classified as mixed purpose contracts, as they carry the characteristics of more types of specified contracts that can be found in the Hungarian Civil Code.
The process of electronic contracting is simple, fast, transparent and it does not require special tools either. It leads you through the different steps with continuous instructions so that anybody can learn how to use it.
Contracts arrive immediately, you do not spend money or lose time with the postal service. Storage and filing are also way simpler and easier to follow.
The format of the contracts is PDF, and they are sent after signing the contract as you have already got used to this in case of online bills. Contracts can be saved only with one click to your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

Your econtracts are authenticated by closed systems on our website!

The is up to date and complies with the latest European (and Hungarian) laws.

Electronic hand signature

You do not need a qualified signature received from a trusted service provider in our system. Our own Block chain solutions protect and prove your signature.
Nálunk az adatai biztonságban vannak!

Contract authentication

We use a trusted service provider to close our contracts permanently, which adds a qualified signature and timestamp to the documents.
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Our partners who have already chosen

We love what we have created, we strive to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. We carry out the improvement of our service and provide product support in this spirit.
Albert Wettstein
" simplifies digital contract signing. For a dynamically growing startup like Munch, this is terribly important."
Albert Wettstein
Endre Szűcs
"With EContract, turnaround times have drastically reduced and crossing borders distance is no longer an issue."
Endre Szűcs
Tamás Barabás
"As excellent partners, we can jointly support the education and digital transition of entrepreneurs!"
Tamás Barabás
János Szántai
"We discovered during the lockdowns caused by the coronavirus. It has opened up a huge opportunity for us with contracts that can be signed from anywhere in the country."
János Szántai
Pannon Treasure
Pannon Treasure
Balázs Komár
"It saves a lot of time, and I rarely have to touch paper. Based on the few paper-based contracts per year, where our partner has not yet switched to using, it's clear how much time we save with electronic signatures."
Balázs Komár
Petya Balogh
"I only sign each of our educational contracts through! It's an indispensable help in administration, and because I know it's of great value to other companies, I say this not just as a user but also participate in the team's work as an investor."
Petya Balogh
" XML API offers a great opportunity for mass contract signings as well. It does't necessarily require complex programming. Sending out 1000+ contracts is possible with just a simple Excel spreadsheet and macro help, using existing customer data. Moreover, it's not just about sending the contract; the system sends reminders and the status of the contract signing is fully trackable."
Tamás Gábor
"As an approved agent, exempt from business tax, it is important for us to be able to sign contracts the easiest way possible and in large numbers. With the help of, our clients only take a few minutes to sign a contract, and the bulk contract creation function also saves us a lot of time. The service is unique at this level, and customer service provides assistance at an even higher level."
Balló Krisztián
Cégtárs logo
" Our accountancy firm covers almost the whole country, and we can manage our clients’ contracts in a state of the art, fast and simple way only through the system. It is great to have an innovative and environmentally conscious partner on our side. "
Mórász Márton
Proactive Bookkeeping
Proactive Bookkeeping logo
“All of our partners love the contracting without printing. Not to mention traceability. This service fills an important gap. We sign contracts only electronically if possible!”
Szűcs Krisztián
NAGYnapotok logo
“We had been planning to take steps to achieve a paperless office, and this goal became even more important during the COVID-19 epidemic, WiredSign is absolutely a touchless, fast and modern way to sign contracts. Another great benefit is that we can see if a contract is pending so we will not miss out on the signature. The contracts can be downloaded at any time, we do not have to print them and they do not harm the environment. The interface is streamlined, I highly recommend it to any Business leader.”
Posztós Brigitta
Global Safety Kft.
Global Safety Kft.
“I send it, you print it, sign it, you send it through the post, then I sign it, and send it back – THAT IS A THING OF A PAST! A 21st century solution for 21st century firms! Oh yeah, and you can customize the format of the contract to your company image. We are really happy with this option, because it is a greatly usable marketing tool!”
Dávid Ádám

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