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Release Notes

The current latest web version: v4.0 stable

Developments and Bug Fixes

On this page, you can follow our developments and fixes.

2024-05-28 account pairing for contracts from API

You can now pair accounts directly to your contracts using the API. This enhancement automates the management of invoices and ensures that all financial transactions are matched to the right contract.

Improving onboarding processes and language

Pop-ups for onboarding processes have been improved and are now available in multiple languages. This improvement will help new users to learn the new features faster and more efficiently.

CSRF token expiry watch and automatic redirection

If the CSRF token expires, a more informative error message page will be displayed, automatically redirecting you back to the main page. This enhancement improves the user experience and ensures seamless troubleshooting.

Security enhancement: banning and alerting in case of unsuccessful entry attempts

After five failed login attempts, the system will ban the user for one hour and send a security alert to their email address. This enhancement increases the security of the system and protects our users' data.

Delete and archive confirmation window

The delete and archive functions have a nice new confirmation window to ensure that operations are not performed accidentally. With this improvement, we have made contract management even more secure.

Signing a simplified contract

If you already have a signed contract, the contract signature panel will be simplified and the previous checkboxes will no longer appear. This will make signing the contract faster and more transparent.

Enhanced search functions for archived contracts

The search for archived contracts has been enhanced with extended features that allow for easier narrowing and faster searching. So you can manage your archived documents even more efficiently.

Contract counter repair and section counting

The contract counter has been improved and now also counts contracts per section. This improvement gives a more accurate picture of the volume and distribution of contracts.

Context menu

You can now access quick actions in list view by right-clicking on a contract, making it even easier to manage contracts. You no longer need to open contracts to access more complex operations.

Google Contacts sync APP

Whoever you've contracted with in the past or will contract with in the future, your partners are constantly updated in your phone's contact list. Not only do we make your days easier, we take your business interactions to the next level.

Invoices and Charges integration in the contract list view

From now on, invoices and fee requests initiated from the system will appear directly next to the contracts in the list view, making it easier to review and manage financial transactions related to those contracts.

Show masked data for contract forms available on public link

When a user enters an email address in the public link and this email address already has a profile, the system automatically displays masked data. This change helps users to identify themselves more easily while still ensuring the protection of their personal data.

Improved Feature: log signature confirmation reminders

Signature confirmation reminders sent via a public link were not recorded in the email log. The bug has been successfully identified and fixed, all reminders are now logged correctly, ensuring full transparency and traceability.

Contract notes header display bug

In the closed contracts, the comments appeared with double headings, which was confusing when interpreting the comments. The error was identified and successfully corrected.

Mail queue - load balancing

We've enhanced our system with mail queue load balancing, which improves API response times and optimises bulk contracting. This provides faster and more efficient delivery, even with higher volumes of document production.

Centrally maintained contract templates for larger organisations via API

Groups of companies can now share and use centrally maintained contract templates across their different accounts via an API. This feature simplifies the use of standard contracts across the organisation, increases workflow efficiency and ensures document consistency.

A more intuitive and user-friendly search experience

The search experience is now even more intuitive and user-friendly, thanks to updates to the UI of drop-down selectors and filters in search engines. These improvements will help users find what they are looking for faster and easier, streamlining the search process and improving the overall user experience.

Create comments via API call

It is now possible to add comments to contracts from other systems via an API call. This feature is particularly useful to support seamless communication between integrated systems and automated processes, allowing users to comment and update contracts directly from external applications.

Set an internal alias name to distinguish accounts

A new feature is now available for users who manage multiple accounts, allowing you to set aliases to distinguish between accounts. This is particularly useful for users who manage a company from multiple accounts, department by department, with the same company name. The alias is an internal setting that is only visible to internal account managers and can be used to

Subdomain support now supports language versions via separate subdomains. This feature improves the accessibility and user experience of the website and helps to serve a wide range of global audiences by targeting the appropriate subdomain.

Individually customisable cover letters per contract

From now on, each contract can be accompanied by a unique cover letter, which can be activated directly on the branding page. When a contract is sent out, a pop-up window allows you to rewrite the text of the letter, making every customer contact personalised.

API: send Pdf in Base64 encrypted format

We have changed the system so that you no longer need to enter a remote path when submitting PDF documents. It is now possible to submit PDF documents directly via the API in Base64 encoded format. This change significantly simplifies the document management process, allowing users to submit documents faster and more securely.

Contract data change API callback event

We introduce a new callback event that is triggered when a data change occurs in a contract when data is received. This functionality will ensure that external systems receive immediate notification of such events, allowing them to react quickly and handle the data accurately.

Improved logging for unsubscribed and reported addresses

Email addresses that have unsubscribed/reported the mail are now logged and the system will give a different response if they are attempted to be contacted again, increasing the accuracy of communication.

Callback API note

It is now possible to synchronise user feedback and comments in real-time via the Callback API, enabling faster and more efficient communication.

Automated annual package renewal

Upon expiry of annual packages, a renewal request is now automatically generated and renewal can be initiated immediately through the Barion payment system, ensuring continued service availability.

BUG: Monthly subscription error

We fixed a bug where users were incorrectly receiving an annual subscription bill, even though they had a monthly subscription.

Contract Management UI simplification for individuals

Individuals can now benefit from a simplified contract management interface. This change aims to make contract management and monitoring more intuitive and less time-consuming for them.

SMS Service Development

We've enhanced the SMS service's capabilities so that it can now also send SMS to foreign numbers, increasing identification efficiency.

404 error message during internal commenting

Fixed a problem that caused a 404 error message when commenting on a non-existent link.

Warning system message in case of data conflicts

We've introduced a new warning highlight to alert the user and the sender if there is a discrepancy between the contracted data and the profile data, improving the accuracy of the data.

User Profile Manage Companion Accounts

We've introduced a new feature that shows the number of used and available co-accounts in your profile, taking into account any downgrade events.

Simplifying the Entry Process

Invitees will now receive a unique login link that automatically includes their email address, making the login process easier.

XML User ID Management

We have enhanced the system to handle possible errors in XML user IDs without running into runtime errors.

Show Partner Data

From now on, the partner data is visible in the pre-inclusion view, with a special mark (data masking) if the person displayed is not yet a partner of the user.

PDF Contracts Missing Data

Fixed a bug where the place and date of birth were not displayed in certain PDF contracts.

Improving the payment process

On the payment summary page, it is now also possible to purchase additional add-on products, making it easier for users to upgrade their packages.

Foreign Contract Management

Foreign contracts are managed from [email protected].

ID card number data saving

From now on, if someone gives an ID number, the name of his/her mother is no longer required.

Login Button Multiple Press Prevention

The login button now includes a pre-fill animation, preventing multiple presses and improving the user experience.

Displaying Signatories' Data

Fixed a problem where place and date of birth were not displayed in contracts with three or more signatories.

Phone number formatting

We have introduced a new formatting rule that now applies to three or more signatories.

API Fixes

Fixed a bug that allowed the entry of spaces at the end of the personal ID, the difference between upper and lower case letters, hyphens.

Optimise language settings

If a visitor arrives at in a foreign language, the page will automatically be displayed in that language, improving the user experience.

ReCaptcha Hiba

We have solved the problem with ReCaptcha on

Email Confirmation Process Correction

Fixed a bug that caused an SSL error message when confirming an email address, improving the registration process.

Protecting test contracts with ReCaptcha

The test contracts on the main page are now protected by ReCaptcha verification, preventing automated attacks.

Cache process optimisation

Fixed the process that moves signed contracts to the Google Cloud Store and deletes them from the temporary cache.

GDPR Compliant Email Address Verification

We've introduced a new process that verifies email addresses when creating a new contract in a GDPR-compliant way, ensuring user data is protected.

Improving the availability of additional packages

On the prices page, the additional packages are now behind a "View additional packages" button, making the page more transparent.

Sending international SMS

Our platform now also sends international SMS. Contract beyond our borders with your customers worldwide simply and efficiently.

Tax number query

With the new feature, you can now quickly and easily retrieve company data by tax number. Convenient access to data makes it easy to keep track of your partners and customers.

Strong password checker

With strong password verification, you are now guaranteed to create and use secure passwords. The system helps you avoid simple and easy-to-guess passwords, increasing your online security.

Security updates

With the latest security updates, we now protect your data even more effectively. Your security always comes first, and that's why we're constantly improving and updating our systems to ensure that all aspects of data protection meet current standards and requirements.

Ukrainian language support package now supports the Ukrainian language. Thanks to this, users can view all details, including contracts, letters and interface, in Ukrainian. This will help make the service easier to use for Ukrainian-speaking users.

Individual pdf contracts for company or individual only setting

It is now possible to set up individual PDF contracts to be signed only by companies or only by individuals. This will help you to set up specific signature rules and requirements according to your needs.

SSO - XML agent API

We now support user-side logins via API for our flagship partners' systems. With SSO, logins from your system will be automatically authenticated, providing easier and more secure access to your system, reducing administrative burden and data management processes.

New contract PDF drag and drop

Now you can add PDF documents easily and conveniently using drag-and-drop when creating a new contract. This feature makes it quicker and easier to attach all the necessary documents to your contract, minimising administrative burden and increasing efficiency.

Letters of reminder

Reminders are now forwarded correctly, with a "Reminder" note in the address field.

XML queries extension

XML queries now have extended functionality so you can retrieve and use even more data in your business processes. This innovation allows you to use XML queries more widely and access more accurate data.

The date of the monthly invoices was incorrectly displayed on my orders page

The "My Orders" page now shows the exact date of monthly invoices, i.e. the actual date of the order instead of the date the invoice was issued. This makes it easier to keep track of the invoicing cycle and each order against its original date.

Extension of banned domain names

Our new update has been extended to hundreds of dangerous domain names. This allows us to ensure that only the appropriate and authorized domains are registered on our site, protecting your security and privacy.

New XML account query

The new XML query now allows you to find out which package a user is in, when their package expires and how many timestamps they have left in the system. This functionality helps users keep track of their subscriptions and time stamps from external systems.

Template contract filter in list view

On the "My contracts" page, you can now easily filter templates by clicking on the template name, just like in the search engine. This feature allows you to quickly find and sort contracts of the same type. This allows you to search and navigate through your documents more efficiently, saving you time and effort.

For new PDF contracts, the sender and recipient names can be rewritten

With the new update, you now have the option to change the sender and recipient designations in PDF contracts during the signature process. This makes it easy to customise your documents to better suit your needs and the needs of your business.

Login gomb

From now on, the login button will not send multiple requests at once until the loading is complete, which will help prevent potential problems and hiccups in the login process.

Email cim validation in XML requests

We have now added validation of email addresses in XML, so only valid email addresses are accepted. This contributes to the reliability of our data and avoids incorrect email addresses.

Listing of joint contracts

On the "My contracts" page, you can now easily filter the joint contracts by clicking on the name of the signatory. This will allow you to quickly find and sort contracts with the same signatory.

Negative timestamp numbers

Time stamp numbers can now no longer be negative in our system. This change will ensure the integrity and reliability of our data and prevent problems with negative values.

Three or more signatory validation errors

The three or more signatory process has been improved. Fixed a data validation error when entering partner data in advance.

Bulk contract feature - Three or more signatory email validation error

Bulk contract feature - Three or more signatory email validation error has been fixed.

Callback extension

The XML Agent API has now been extended with callback functionality, allowing you to create and manage automatic callbacks when specified events occur. This will help you to manage your application in a more dynamic and customised way and improve the user experience.

Delete search terms

You can now easily clear search conditions with the new update. This means you can easily start new searches or clear your current search to find what you're looking for. Ease of use means you can optimise your search process and find the information you need faster.

XML IP whitelist

The ip filter was partially working, we fixed the bug.

Turn off the Contract Comment feature

You can now turn off the Contract Comment feature in your profile.

XML agent - IP authorization settings

The XML agent API IP has address filtering. Access can now be limited to specific IP addresses, which can be configured in the XML agent API menu.

JSON extension

JSON queries have been added. Return individual statuses and the actual status of the signature.

XML queries extension

The XML already returns the unique internal status set.

Template contract history

From today, you can search back to see who edited what in the templates and when.

New variable data type in the template - checkbox

A new variable data type for the checkbox has been added to the template.

Timestamp listing link - 404 fix

Fixed the page listing timestamps which was going to 404.

Real-time variable data exchange

The fields to be filled in by the partner are overwritten in real time as the fields are filled in.

Subscription - double deduction

The development will prevent subscriptions launched on two fibres.

API templates - 3 or more signatories

The 3 or more signatures feature is now available in the API. The development will also produce the required custom documentation for the templates as a help.

API custom pdf and html - 3 or more signers

The 3 or more signatures feature is now available from the API, automating the signing of individual pdfs.

Download Register - Excel export extension

All the template variable data is attached to the register, giving you access to incredibly valuable summary data without having to extract contracts.

Bulk contract - 3 or more signatories

The extension of the bulk contract sending feature to 3 or more signatories is ready.

Archived contracts - search

A search facility has been added to the archived contracts menu.

Template management - Hide template

You don't need to delete your old templates anymore, just hide them. This way you don't disturb your colleagues when posting.

Template library - Advanced settings

Advanced settings are also visible in list view. This allows you to see the advanced settings of each template from the outside.

Sablontár - Search

Search functions have been enhanced, so you can find a template or template group faster.

My contracts - Individual internal statuses

You can now easily set the individual internal statuses from my contracts list view.

Template Repository - Duplicate template

You can now save your templates to any of your managed accounts, just write them in one place.

Activity log - Search

The search criteria have been expanded so that you can now search for activity from a co-account or a suspicious IP address.

Template Editor - Preview Error

Fixed a specific preview bug in the template store.

Partner list - CRM

You can find all your partners in a list view and from there you can check their details, send them an email, list your contracts or create a new contract.

Security - Email block list (internal tool)

An internal protection tool that manages the permanent email application.

Activity log - search function

In the activity log, you can search for ip addresses or co-account activities.

Unique identifier API parameter

A unique API ID has been added to the XML that can be submitted, which can also be used to query the contract.

New contract - hide introduction

In the advanced settings of a new contract, you can set the option to hide the preamble.

Improved search for templates in New contract

A new contract template selector has been added to make it easier to find templates.

Email delivery details

Plus a proof of invariance has been added to the system, which has been added to emails. The client gateway uses a similar process.

New contract: Unilateral declaration of rights in pdf.

Added the option to set a unilateral declaration of rights in the Send new contract pdf attachment section.

Slack internal integration

The internal Slack integration is now ready, allowing you to plug what happens to your contracts into your own Slack channel.

Application library collection page 1.0

You can link your Contract account with external and internal applications using the Application Repository.

XML_source Post method javítás

The event logging of contracts submitted using the Post method has been corrected.

Template search

From today you can search and filter the templates you have created. This helps those who use a large number of templates.

Unilateral declaration of rights - API: individual pdf

The XML agent API gives you the possibility to sign a custom pdf unilaterally.

Unilateral Declaration of Rights - API

The XML agent API has also been extended to handle unilateral declaration templates.

Unilateral declaration templates

Unilateral declaration types can be created in the template, with which delivery can be optionally handled.

404 error - CRM system

Fixed a 404 error in the CRM system for deleted users.

Geo Ip - internet service provider

The system now also decodes and displays the Internet Service Provider from the IP addresses.

Save delivered emails

The system saves the letters sent out, so that the notifications can be retrieved from the system as evidence in case of a lawsuit.

Reminder - link aware signature confirmation

The confirmation of the signature of contracts signed with the link in mind will be automatically resubmitted the next day and the third day.

Comment section redesign

We've updated the comments section to make it easier to use.

Contract outlines

The feature allows you to leave a contract in a draft view without having to post it immediately.

My statuses

The function allows you to add your own statuses with unique colours and then use them to mark your contracts.

[BUG] Show contract meta data

Fixed the display of contract meta data.

[BUG] SMS confirmation error

Fixed the SMS confirmation sending in case of reversing parties.

Preview image - Branding

When customising the branding, you can preview how the brand elements will appear in the contract and letter sent out.

Preview image - template editor

In the template editor you can see how the edited template will look like in html and pdf view.

Monthly subscription

A monthly subscription option has been introduced.

CRM - Partner list - Contracts

The CRM function has been enhanced so that you can now filter the contracts of a selected partner.

[BUG] Add new field - in contract

The Add new field function under the Create new contract menu has been fixed.

[BUG] Turn off email notifications

In some processes, the disable rule did not run, so notifications went out even for mail that was turned off.

[BUG] XML event log

We made the XML event log more transparent.

[BUG] CRM loading error

If the partner list was too large, the CRM view timeouted.

[BUG] API - SSL problem

A new Open SSL standard prevents data connection to the API.

[BUG] Branding cover letter - linebreaking

Enabled line breaks for the text of the branding function's controls.

[BUG] Display pending contract number

The number of pending contracts was incorrectly reported in the partner accounts.

CRM - Partner list

CRM functionality has been added to the system, contracted partners can now be accessed from a filterable list, from which new contracts and soon other processes can be started. Accessed from the Data Centre --> CRM --> Partner List menu.

Improving the drafting of new contracts

When a new contract is created, the template text can also be modified by the main account and by the co-accounts who have the right to edit the templates. (These modifications do not, of course, affect the template used, but they are still grouped together in the same type for derivation.)

Bulk contract redesign

The bulk contract posting feature has been redesigned for more convenience and transparency.

[BUG] Stuck timestamps

In some cases, a timestamp got stuck when a contract was not completed before it was sent out.

Fix privacy alerts

We've improved privacy alerts to show what data is involved to avoid false alerts.

Change the Drag and Drop order of new variable fields, rename them.

The names and types of variable fields can now be changed and their order can be changed.

New variable fields

New variable fields have been introduced to better separate the underlying section of contracts.

Features oldal

The Features page provides a summary of new developments and the most important new features.

Template editor for post-editing variable data

In the template editor, you can change the order in which the variable data is displayed and you can also change their names and types.

Partner search autocomplet

When sending out contracts, you can choose from your own drop-down list of partners, without having to remember your partners' email addresses.

Email notification settings

In the profile menu, you can control the type of email notifications you do not want to receive.

Email notifications for affiliate accounts

Co-account holders receive a cc of the contracts they have signed with a state, so they are kept up to date on the latest developments.

XML agent functions added

Template template identifiers have been included in the xml queries. This way contract types can now be grouped in an external system.

Automatic email reminder

An automatic email reminder of unsigned contracts will be sent to invited parties. This feature can be disabled on the profile page of the main account.

[BUG] Activity log backup

The activity log of the main account does not include the activity of the satellite accounts.

Template contract tár

Simply copy a template from a list of contract templates.

Hideable "Underlying contract" variable data fields section

This option allows you to hide the variable data fields associated with templates, so that they are not visually distracting in a long data series. The setting is found in the advanced settings for templates.

Show API secret key / user ID

The visualization makes it quick and easy for even non-programmers to find the API secret key/user ID key pair.

Coupon activation link

The feature allows you to activate a coupon quickly and easily by clicking on a link. It also helps our integration partners.

Hiding a contract, in case of concluded contracts

The feature allows you to hide live contracts that have already been signed, to keep your document repository cleaner.

Contract rejection for ongoing contracts

The function allows the receiving party to reject the contract, even at the stage of signing after acceptance.

API - XML agent enhancement

We have enhanced our XML agent API systems, now you can query all template contracts and their variable data, facilitating dynamic integration.

API - XML agent enhancement

We have improved our XML agent API systems, now you can query contracts by unique ID in XML format with all variables.

Email event log

You can now track your contract notification emails! You can now also see bounced emails, deliveries and opens as well as click events.

Automatic reminder

Our system will automatically send you an email reminder about unsigned contracts.

Security feature - data abuse alert

When someone signs a contract with a unique ID already in the system, a receipt is sent to the original account holder.

Improved Companion Account Manager (v2.0)

We've improved our co-account management feature, now you can conveniently sign in to any of your assigned co-accounts from one account with one click.

Account history

We have implemented the Invoice History page to our system, so you can now retrieve and download your invoices from here.

[BUG] Email variable data insert code

We have extended the variable data insertion code list with the email address variable data.

[BUG] Email variable data insert code

We have extended the variable data insertion code list with the email address variable data.

Contract query JSON extension

We have extended our contract query function, from now on you can also query individual fields of contracts in JSON format.

[BUG] Contract protection shield

We have added rare scenarios to our contract shield function, improving our processes in these specific cases.

Comment Function optimisations

They have improved the comment function. You can now see in list view which contracts have comments. The system also forwards the written message by email.

Contract Search Engine Optimisation

Filtering functions have been improved, you can now search by filing number.

UI optimizations

Minor mobile and desktop appearance improvements.

Two new add-on packages published

You can now purchase separately the co-account and bulk contract sending module.

Privacy Shield Process Optimisation

You can report incorrect data directly from the Privacy Shield page.

API function call: contract resubmission

It is now also possible to resend the contract invitation from API.

Search function extension

You can now list from the main account which sub-accounts have created which contracts.

Affiliate account contract visibility management

Co-accounts can be set to only see the contracts they have created.

[BUGFIX] Turn off login notification

The login notification button on the profile page was not working correctly.

Optimisation of contract processes

We've optimised the new contractor process, simplified the UI and added new features to help you overcome contractor gridlock.

[BUGFIX] Login improvement

Google Recaptcha has caused login problems for many people.

Data centre change

From now on, certified contracts are stored in Google Cloud Storage data centre

Convert profile menu

We've redesigned the profile menu for businesses and their co-accounts to make it easier to see which account is being used.

Soft whitelabel extension for navigation

The eserződé logo will be replaced by their own logo in the account of those using the contract branding module.

Template editor and API new parameter: we made it possible to set the legal status of the template to sign!

This feature allows you to set the legal status of the contracts you send out to be signed.

New feature in the template editor (beta): we made it possible to set the legal status of the template!

This feature allows you to set the legal status of the template in which contracts made from templates can be signed.

Registration page rechapca protection

We have improved the protection of the registration page to filter out robots.

Successful contract information page wording improvement

We have improved the wording of the instructions on the successful contract information page.

Bulk contract wording improvement

Improved the wording of the mass contract sending instructions.

Privacy shield wording correction

We have fixed the wording of the privacy shield error messages.

Signature confirmation page redesign

We have redesigned the link to the signature confirmation page of the contracts.

Email address confirmation page redesign

We have redesigned the email address confirmation page.

Enterprise testimonial page redesign

We have redesigned our Enterprise testimonials page.

Template editor new feature: disable automatic introduction display

We have made it possible to disable the display of the automatic introduction (Which was created...), which was mandatory until now, even if the template had its own introduction.

Template editor new feature: disable attachments display

We have made it possible to turn off the display of attachments, which used to be mandatory, even if they were also referenced in the content of the contract.

[BUGFIX] Contract Branding feature enhancement

We have improved the settings for the contract branding feature and the logo display.

Improve contract finder

We've improved the contract search algorithm and appearance.

Improve template manager texting

We have improved the description instructions for the template management functions.

Fix contract 404 error page

We have improved the appearance and wording of 404 pages.

Improving the profile of branch offices

We've improved the usability of your co-accounts, no more unnecessary data will be displayed in your account!

Version update

The full version of the base system has been updated!

Send login link by email

This feature allows our users to log in to their account using a link sent to them by email. For security reasons, the link can only be used once and is valid for 5 minutes!

External redirect link in API contracts

From now on, contracts created using the API will have an optional parameter to specify an external URL that the signer can navigate to after signing the contract.

Update system authentication signature

We renewed the qualified signature used for system authentication.

Contract cancellation - API

You can now also issue a command to cancel pending contracts via the API.

[BUGFIX] Bulk contract sending via co-accounts

Troubleshooting the mass mailing of contracts through co-accounts

New PDF contract UI improvements

Our interface will display clearer and more clearly the upload and display of PDF contracts.

Improving email notifications

A direct reply button for our partner has been added to the email notifications.

Further development of XML agent API

It is now possible to set an expiry date for fixed-term contracts from the XML agent API.

Graphic co-account eligibility

As of today, Graphic Eligibility is also available in the co-accounts. Temporarily, we don't have to share account login details with our designers, you can set the look of your contracts from their account.

[BUGFIX] Outlook email-ek

Improved the appearance of emails opened in Outlook.

API XML agent enhancements

The API XML agent can now also receive XML in RAW format.

Developer co-account eligibility

From today, Developer access is also available in the co-accounts. Temporarily, we don't need to share account credentials with developers, or copy API keys to XML structure...

Further development of the Treaty reception system

Our contract acceptance system has been improved, making it easier and clearer for the receiving party to confirm contracts.

[BUGFIX] Contract signing link

From now on, the inconvenience of your unregistered partner receiving two contracts and then registering in the meantime, so that you have difficulties signing the second contract, will no longer occur.

[BUGFIX] Minor bug fixes

Minor bug fixes to the signature panel.

Excel and csv data export

The function allows you to download the complete contract list with customer data in excel and csv formats.

API: JSON data extension

JSON has been extended with detailed client data, which facilitates client data migration to CMS systems.

[BUGFIX] Pending timestamps page

We've created a pending timestamps list page to help you keep track of your timestamps.

[BUGFIX] Contract comment box

Line breaks can now be used in messages left in contracts.

Contract Branding PDF

The pdf rendering now includes your own company logo.

Functional automation of payment packages

Extra features activated immediately when you buy a package.

Security patches - Login

Some of our mobile users may have experienced an error with slow internet connection, blocked by the system, so we introduced an indicator.

UI: Mobile menu development

We've improved our mobile menu system to make it even faster for you to create a new contract.

UI: Contract Bar update

Update UI display.

New feature: contract branding

With our "Contract Branding" feature, you can add a unique corporate identity to your contracts and automatic cover letters.

BUGFIX: Contract visualisation and rendering

UI copy and attachment display enhancement.

UX: improving user interfaces

Minor UI elements and naming have been improved to make it more convenient to edit contracts.

Security updates

We have made minor security updates to our systems.

How education sites work

We have developed an educational site structure to help you learn the system quickly and easily.

[BUGFIX] Insert personal data

Personal data are not included in the current text of contracts, for pre-filled customer data, only after registration.

Design update

Updated "Prices", "Timestamp Packages" and "Release Notes" pages tailored to our corporate identity.

Switch between company and individual profile type on the Profile page

Now you can change not only the profile data, but also its type in the profile.

Improving the readability of image attachments

From now on, we will also attach the photo attachments to the bottom of the contract in large size.

Change company and individual profile data

Users now have the option to edit their incorrect or changed profile information on the Profile page.

UI copy improvements

Improvements to the clarity of error messages and user interface wording.

New homepage design

Long-planned design facelifts and new homepage.

[BUGFIX] Bulk contract creator

The bulk contract manager also scanned the corrupt Excel spreadsheets and they only stopped when run, not indicating the error.

New contract creator UI

Based on our research, we have created a new and easier to use New Contract Builder. We have grouped the rarely used features under Advanced Settings. The result is a module that is easy to use and requires fewer clicks.

Bulk contract creator with additional functions

In bulk contracts, you can also provide customer details. Also, some data processing errors have been fixed.

Security messages that can be switched off

Security messages are sent when you log in from a foreign location or device. These can be turned off at your own risk on the Profile page.

SECURITY UPGRADE: Security upgrade of access interfaces and systems.

We've added stronger security solutions to our login interfaces, making them more resistant to attacks such as login throttling.

Profile oldal JS facelift

Easier to use profile page.

Link aware contracts: improving the user journey

Improve user experience by linking awareness of contracts to signature processes at the end.

Profile page design change

We have redesigned the profile page and improved its ergonomics, making it more transparent and convenient to use.

[BUGFIX] Registration form

Users have encountered difficulties registering through some browsers.

[BUGFIX] Bulk contracting

Correct an error caused by a fillable variable data field.

API developments

The new API enhancements include cloud-based repository query JSON access, and can now be used to send externally uploaded pdf contracts.

[BUGFIX] Signature in jpg format

The signature image uploader only handled png formats when watermarking, .jpg files ran into errors.

Protecting electronic handwritten signatures

Watermarking of signatures on documents with a displayed hashing chain containing the fingerprints of the documents in the signature state, the ID of the signer and the ID and time of the signed document, and their combined fingerprints as a closed chain.

Introduction of identification levels

The contracts now include user identification levels, and you can also set which identification level partners can sign the contract.

Phone number confirmation function

Phone number verification is a new identification procedure that helps to identify the signing parties more securely. You will soon be able to set the level of identification required to sign a contract.

New Contact page design

Sitebuild and design tasks on the contact page

Új ASZF oldal design

Sitebuild and design tasks on the TOS page.

Beautified subpages

The Privacy Notice, About us has been renewed.

New desktop menu system and mobile menu system

An easier to use desktop version of the menu system. An easier to use mobile menu system.

ePersonal integration

Our users can use their electronic ID card to provide a very high level of identification that proves their identity beyond any doubt.

Partner data capture function and basic systems update

On request, we have introduced a new option where you can enter your partner's details into our system, so all they have to do is sign the contracts. Due to GDPR regulations, we've also added protection and administration points to the process. We've updated the core systems of the site, along with a version change. We went from 3.3 to 3.4.

Image attachments - Add variable data option to contracts

You can also add image attachments to your contracts.

Signature server acceleration

We have almost doubled the speed of signing contracts. This was an important step as it is a complex cryptographic process, depending on the size of the documents it can take several seconds to generate the pdf, add signature and time stamp certificates and attach them to emails.

Home page renewal and introduction of QR codes for Public contract processes

Some visual elements on the main page have been replaced. The improvement allows you to continue your contract processes from where you left off on a mobile device with a different camera.

Improving contracting processes with new users

Our latest development allows you to sign contracts with partners who are not yet registered in our system in the easiest possible way, without having to log in.

Account activity data

Co-account activity is also visible and can be checked in the activity log of the parent account.

Public link available for contracts

The feature allows you to sign contracts without logging in via a public link.

Improved signature localisation

More precise geographic and municipality details are given below the contract signatures.

Improving your experience on entry

User experience feature - improving the user experience

Administrator account manager

With our administrator account management feature, you can give your lawyers, accountants and administrators separate access. And with limited privileges, you can keep your account secure.

User support interface

It helps our users to get information and help with the system in a targeted and fast way. Daily communication and information is provided through this interface.

Improved document editing experience

Minor changes to the ergonomic experience, making it easier and more transparent to edit contracts.

Notification to log in from a new device

To ensure secure use, a notification will be sent when a user logs into their account on a new device.


With our XML Agent API service you can automate the generation of contracts from your own CMS or ERP system.

Introduction of new security and logging systems. E-mail notification to the contracting party.

New security measures have been introduced to protect our servers and databases. The party that created the contract will also be notified of the contracts created, making sure that the invitation has been delivered to their partner.

Mobile display improvements. BUG: Email address change on profile page.

Minor RWD mobile fixes in the contract manager. Our email address change function was not working properly on the Profile page, as a result it was not possible to edit this data table.

Renew contract list view

The contract list view has become more transparent. Card view has been introduced on mobile.

Linking the e-mail confirmation to the invitation e-mail. / The e-mails did not contain a DKIM identifier.

Your partners no longer need to confirm their email address after registration, as we have linked this to the invitation email registration. DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a solution that allows you to associate a domain name with an email address, ensuring that the person or organisation is responsible for the message.

[BUGFIX] Emails are being SPAMed

Our emails have been moved to the spam folder in some distribution systems. We have started to fix the bug.

New more convenient mobile and iPad menu

We've created a new full-screen menu system for mobile and iPad for faster navigation and clarity.

Correcting outgoing emails

Improve email display on mobile. Some secondary notification type emails were stuck in the system, not being sent.

Activity log

We've created a sub-page where you can check back when and what you've done, so we want to make it even safer for you.

Data insertion with substitution code

In template contracts, they now have the option to insert variable data in the running text. Such variable text can include any personal, company or basic data inserted with input fields.

QR code repair

The QR code displayed when you sign a contract is scanned on your mobile phone and you can access it without a password. Time limit is 5 minutes.

Bulk contract posting system

A new function is available from the menu. From now on, you can easily and quickly post thousands of contracts from our system at once. By uploading data from an Excel spreadsheet, you can generate all contracts with unique data in a few minutes.

Sending individual pdfs for signature

A new option has been added to our "Create a new contract" function. You can now upload and sign your own pdfs.

Improving the sending of a fee request

Hotfix for outgoing emails requesting fees in the wrong format.

Offline contract bar linking errors

Due to linking errors, some offline contracts in Word format were taken to a 404 page.
2018-07-23 core system 3.2 beta release

Base system and packages version changes.

Archived contracts restore button fix

The reset button did not appear in the companion accounts.