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How does it work

Instructions for use

  • Signing an electronic contract
    Through our system, you can easily contract with your partners online. The following guide shows you how to sign this contract through our system.
  • Sending login link - unable to log in?
    If you are unable to log in to your account, you have the option to send a one-time login link to the email address provided during registration.

Business use


  • Our integration partners
    Discover new areas of application and use. Connect your existing devices to the Eszerződé system.
  • Salesautopilot integration
    With SalesAutopilot, you can coordinate different softwares and processes. From now on, as well, providing a uniform, legendary customer experience to its interested parties and customers.
Frequently asked Questions
Frequently asked Questions

A time stamp proves that a given document already existed at a given moment in time, data that contains the imprint of the time-stamped document and the date of the time stamp. These are authenticated by a timestamp service provider with its own signature. They play a particularly important role in our system, since the electronic signature is only "irrefutable" if it can be proven before which date the signature was created.
A time stamp enables the authentication of a contract, so you can create as many contracts in our system as you buy time stamps. The price includes archiving and storage costs. The time stamp packages can also be purchased separately:
Buy a time stamp

Is the contract made on considered written?

At the end of the contract-making process, provides the highest qualified signature and time stamp issued by a trusted service provider to its contracts, the contents of which cannot be modified, thus becoming written in the conceptual framework of the Civil Code.
Paragraph (3) of Section 6:7 sets technology-neutral conditions for establishing the written quality of legal declarations made in a different way from traditional writing, when it stipulates that the legal declaration must be considered written down even if it is communicated in a form suitable for recalling the content contained in the legal declaration unchanged, identifying the person making the declaration and the time of making the declaration.

Does provide a trust service?

Our system is not a trust service provider and does not perform such activities, but uses the services of trust service providers in order to be able to produce closed and verifiable electronic contracts.

Is signature protection a necessary element of electrical contracts?

No, this is a watermark protection that serves a dual purpose. Our own defense development. Its goal is that the currently created electronic manual signature can only be linked to the given contract and user (which is formed using a sha-256 hashing algorithm from the information of the contract, the user and the signatures, which will thus become a digital fingerprint). From a security point of view, the contracting partners only see this watermarked image format signature, which cannot be used elsewhere (watermarking is a standard procedure for the stock photo database, if someone were to try to use it, we would be able to determine which contract it comes from).

Can a paper-based contract be completely abandoned?

Yes, it can be omitted, as long as none of their clients opposes or insists on concluding a paper-based contract.

Can the electronic contract be stored in printed form?

Storing electronic contracts in printed form destroys the evidence that guarantees the inviolability and immutability of the content of the contract, so they can only be stored in electronic form in the future. Our system provides the contracts with a registration number, so if your partner stores them in print and is not prepared for electronic storage (which otherwise our system automatically provides him in the form of a cloud-based account) if necessary, he can request the original file from us based on the registration number on the printed form, so he will not violate the regulations in this way, if he does print it out and store it.

Does the system comply with Hungarian legislation?

It operates on the basis of the Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eiDAS Regulation No. 910/2014/EU) and Hungarian legislation, thus producing legally binding contracts.
The European Parliament and the Council created the 1999/93/EC Directive on electronic signatures and equated the evidential force of traditional and electronic contracts. The laws state that there is no difference in terms of legal effect between electronic and paper contracts.

Can my contracting partner deny or claim that he did not sign the contract?

In the event of possible fraud, a similar procedure is initiated as in the case of paper-based false representation or signature forgery.
In this case, the aggrieved party will be the contractual partner whose data was misused, so he or she must also report the crime to the competent authorities.

What is the co-worker account manager?

You have the option of assigning "co-accounts" to your main account. Co-accounts allow you to outsource certain sub-processes to your staff, such as giving your secretary access to send out contracts or your accountant to download contracts.
You can access the co-worker account service from the "co-worker account manager" menu on the profile page or via the following link:
Associate account manager

Is it possible to upload a corporate stamp image as a signature?

Yes, you can upload such a signature, this function can be found on the second tab of the signature panel. You should put the stamp on a white sheet, then sign it and either take a photo of it directly in the signature panel using a mobile phone or upload it as a scanned image (in jpg or png format).

What services are available in the system?

Without claiming to be complete:

  • Contract generator (contracts with unique variable data generated from a template, the advantage of this is that you no longer have to copy word documents, there is less risk of typos, and it is much faster and simpler)
  • Co-worker accounts (Collaboration tool that supports the division of the work process between internal employees)
  • Contract Branding (Tailoring the appearance of contracts to a unique company image.)
  • Privacy shield (Protection of personal data in accordance with GDPR and CCPA regulations.)
  • Bulk contract manager (Bulk contract creator that can be generated from an excel list.)
  • Integration systems (Automation options, multiple API XML agents for generation and JSON access for data synchronization.)
  • Contracts that can be concluded in person (The contract conclusion process is optimized for contracts concluded in person.)
  • Enhanced customer identifications (Email, telephone, e-personal case identification)
  • Electronic manual signature protection (Signatures protected with a watermark using our own blockchain process.)
  • Unique messaging channel in contracts (Enables discussion and exchange of messages within contracts.)
  • Activity log and unusual account activity monitor (The system monitors, logs and notifies unusual main account and sub-account activities.)
  • Contract history (The system logs and converts events in contracts into a log.)
  • Password protection of signed pdf contract (pdf password not stored in public cloud database)
  • Contract excel list download (the contract statuses and related partner data can be downloaded into an excel list)

Can I share the contents of my account with my colleagues?

Yes, with the help of our co-worker account function, you can collaboratively share your electronic contracts with your colleagues.
You can access the co-worker account service from the "co-worker account manager" menu on the profile page or via the following link:
Co-worker account manager

What is the "XML Agent API"?

With the help of our API function, our systems can be connected to other external systems, such as a website, CRM or ERP system. Partial or complete contracting processes can be automated, which can be generated from an external system database. Currently, contracts can be created using three API methods. The most efficient way is to use the XML generated from the templates.

What is "Contract repository data sync JSON"?

An integrable information channel, with the help of which contracts can be completely synchronized from our system to another company management system you use. The interface is available in XML form via a JSON link. The link uses a secret key, which is generated by the system from the encrypted hash of the password of the main account.

What is "Privacy Shield"

Our system was created with strict consideration of the GRPR regulations. We want to protect the users of our system from their data falling into unauthorized hands, and to protect the contract makers from accidentally committing a data protection incident during the sending of contracts. We have created a data protection gate that evaluates the situation and prevents unauthorized persons from opening the sent contracts, or from entering personal data into a contract without approval.

What is "Contract Branding" good for?

With the help of Contract Branding, the appearance of sent contracts and related e-mail notifications can be tailored to a unique company image.

What is required to sign a contract?

It requires an internet connection and a device capable of running a browser. For example, mobile phone, tablet or Windows / Mac computer. The electronic manual signatures of the signatories will be added to the concluded contracts, and the information of the identified devices will be authenticated with a qualified signature ( and a time stamp. (Similar to how a cloud-based invoicer verifies issued invoices.)

Should all signatories have an e-ID? What forms the basis of identification?

Identification with e-ID is not absolutely necessary. You can set up 3 levels of identification in our system for a contract. If set, only the person who has identified himself in the designated way can sign the contract. Email and other network and device data are the basic identification. The second level is telephone identification and the third is e-ID login.

Is it possible to use an email / phone number that can be accessed by several people?

Our Terms and Conditions do not allow partners to sign contracts using such tools. It is the individual responsibility of the signatory who has access to the email address or phone number provided.

Can my corporate signature in the copy of the signature address be used?

It is also possible to upload a signature included in such a copy of the signature address, this function can be found on the second tab of the signature panel. You should put the stamp on a white sheet, then sign it and either take a photo of it directly in the signature panel using a mobile phone or upload it as a scanned image (in jpg or png format).

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