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Signing an electronic contract
Through our system, you can easily contract with your partners online. The following guide shows you how to sign this contract through our system.
Sign eContract first step

An electronic contract has arrived in your email account. Open the contract by clicking on the link in the email.


If your contracting partner has provided your data in advance, a "data protection shield" protects the contract, which can be opened with data you know.

Sign eContract second step
Sign eContract step three

Read the contract carefully and fill in the missing data if it is not already filled in.


Open the contract signature panel, using the "Sign the contract" button.

Sign eContract fourth step
Sign eContract fifth step

Sign the contract via touch screen or take a photo of your signature. Tick the terms and conditions. You can finalize your signature by clicking the "Sign the contract" button. If the other party has also signed the contract, the contract will be created and the system will send the concluded contract to your email address in certified pdf format.