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Prices and packages

Dear Interested, see our Starting Packages.

The prices are designed so that it is worth using our service for just a few contracts.

Any questions about the service, read How it works , or ask our colleagues with the help of online customer service from the lower right corner.

Annual 30% discount
Choose between our monthly or annual tariff plans.
Mini package
We recommend it for self-employed people who sign 1-2 contracts per month and have no employees.
Time stamps' number: 48
125.00 USD + VAT / year
(10.42 USD + VAT / month)
Medium package
It is recommended for micro-enterprises that sign 5-10 contracts per month.
Time stamps' number: 120
210.71 USD + VAT / year
(17.56 USD + VAT / month)
Premium package
It is recommended for SMEs that are mass contracting, are thinking about automated processes and want to have their brand on contracts.
Time stamps' number: 600
428.57 USD + VAT / year
(35.71 USD + VAT / month)
Large business package
We recommend it for large companies that issue contracts in large quantities. They need automation, a dedicated contact person and online training.
Time stamps' number: 6000
2 142.86 USD + VAT / year
(178.57 USD + VAT / month)

Purchase of additional time stamp packages

If you will expand the number of timestamps to your chosen package later.

Comparison table

Mini package Medium package Premium package Large business package
Prices and membership
Price (Annual) 125.00 USD 210.71 USD 428.57 USD 2 142.86 USD
Membership 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
Unlimited number of free signatures check check check check
An unlimited number of contract storage check check check check
Unlimited number of contracts download check check check check
Activity log check check check check
Contract Story check check check check
Electronic Manual Signature Protection check check check check
Privacy Shield check check check check
Unlimited number of own templates check check check check
Contract templates from a template price check check check check
Partner list - CRM check check check check
Extra features
Email tracking check check check
Unilateral statement check check check check
Contract participants 2 Contractor 2 Contractor 10 Contractor 10 Contractor
Partners 3 pcs 10 pcs 50 pcs
Bulk Contract Editor check check
Contract Branding check check
Statistics Dashboard check check
Unique Statuses check check
Key contact person check
Onboarding training (online) check
Support Guaranteed Response Time 72 hrs 24 hrs 18 hrs 12 hrs
Integration, API use
Excel / CSV data export check check check
XML Agent API check check
Contract price data synchrony json check check
Development Support check Max 3 hours check Max 6 hours
Time stamp
Time stamp 48 pcs 120 pcs 600 pcs 6 000 pcs
More time stamps (max s) 0.43 USD / pcs 0.21 USD / pcs 0.13 USD / pcs 0.10 USD / pcs
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Purchase of additional packages

If you will expand your package features later.

Contract Branding (Additional package)
Contract Branding allows you to customise the appearance of the contracts sent out and the header of the associated email notifications.
71.43 USD + VAT / year
Excel / csv adatexport
The data export is a downloadable list in excel or csv format containing the status of contracts and related partner data.
78.57 USD + VAT / year
API integration
API functions allow you to link your account to other external systems such as a website, CRM or ERP. You can automate part or all of the contracting process.
103.57 USD + VAT / year
Bulk contract creator (excel based)
With our bulk contract builder, you can quickly and easily generate up to 1000 contracts in seconds from an excel list.
71.43 USD + VAT / year
Purchase of extra co-account (1)
Have you reached your account limit? Expand your existing plan with additional co-accounts.
35.71 USD + VAT / year
Education / consultation
You can request training, product demonstrations or individual consultations from us. Our staff will present the system to you at an agreed time.
107.14 USD + VAT / year
Premium support 8-hour SLA
Premium support for development support, product implementation, training and process optimization suggestions (Maximum 25 hours/year, 8 hours SLA).
1 000.00 USD + VAT / year